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Life is a journey through many circles, the good news is that we get many chances to travel the same paths; the bad news is we often travel the same paths many times. The best news is each circle we traverse offers more opportunities to make new and different choices." Anonymous. Finding just the right therapist can be a daunting task. In Northern and Central Virginia, Alliance makes that task a good deal easier. Whether you are searching for a therapist for individual therapy, whether you're seeking traditional psychotherapy, marriage counseling, family therapy, or personal coaching it's very likely that you will find just the right professional to meet your needs here at Alliance Therapy Center, LLC.

The colleagues who practice here have your needs at heart. Appointments can be scheduled during daytime, evening or weekend hours, our therapists take your financial needs into consideration when establishing fees, and our areas of expertise span nearly every issue, concern, age group and circumstance. Brief, solution-focused therapy, or longer, insight-oriented psychotherapy, individual, couples or group therapy, therapy for teens and children -- for nearly every concern you or your loved ones might have, someone at Alliance will be the right choice.

Browsing through our pages, you’ll find a wide array of information – ideas about how to go about choosing the right therapist, or steps to take on your own if you’re not ready to seek therapy right now. You’ll find detailed information on each of the professionals who practice here, along with their telephone numbers and email links. 

We believe that every person has the creative potential to author, direct, and star in their own life story. ATC has helped many individuals develop their creative potential to get what they want from life, find and maintain healthy relationships, expand their ability to solve problems and work out conflicts, and move forward in the direction of their dreams.

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